A year in missions, a year of transition.
A year in missions, a year of transition.

A year in missions, a year of transition.

I can’t believe that we are about to wave goodbye to our first year in missions. It’s amazing and slightly nerve-racking to think that we are headed right back to where it all started. In just a few days we will say goodbye to everything that we have come to know in the past several months and we will board a plane again to YWAM Kona, starting a new leg on this journey!

Here we come YWAM FOUNDATION SCHOOL! — We will be joining staff of the YWAM Kona Foundation School, a children’s discipleship school. We will learn how to guide children and youth in biblical studies as well as helping them form a foundational relationship with Jesus!

It’s such a privilege to be able to go and learn thing vital ministry, so that we are able to fully introduce it here in Mexico. Our plan is to continue to help YWAM Rancho Abierto in the pioneering process by walking with them and taking on this huge task! Together with the base leaders we will teach and learning Kona so that we are ready to launch this children’s ministry.

We will also help in other aspects of the YWAM Rancho Abierto base, however our main focus will be on the children’s “Off The Grid” ministry.

I’m so excited for this next season and all that God is continually doing in and through our family.

As we begin to look forward at the vision God has given us for our long term ministry I can’t help but smile at the trials we had to walk through to get this far. I am reminded that the hard roads prepare us for the paths in the future that God will ask us to walk. Our vision is HUGE and at times I get overwhelmed with the amount of things that will need to perfectly align in order for us to pull this off, but in the gentlest of ways God reminds me that we are not doing this alone and that through Him all things are possible.

Our vision is to build a team, hand selected by Jesus, that can go from Mexico to the tip of South America providing basic medical care, health knowledge, and biblical teaching and ministering to communities along the way. There are many steps that we need to do in order to make this happen. A reasonable goal for starting this ministry is 3-5 years.


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