Jesus, There Is No Better Way.
Jesus, There Is No Better Way.

Jesus, There Is No Better Way.


The 2021 Family DTS students are all on outreach but the work hasn’t stopped here on the ranch. We continue to help out here on the YWAM base here in Mexico any way that we can. Building, cleaning, organizing, making new systems, and working in the farming area! There’s always one more project to be done.

We are getting the opportunity use some of the skills that we already had but we are also able to try so many new things; exploring different passions that we have.

God has remembered our dream and made them come to life in so many different ways, but is also giving us the opportunity to explore how they can become ministry opportunities. Learning about simple food production has become a great passion of mine and I hope to take these skills out into the nations in the future to help people with their most basic needs.

Here on the base there’s a large rope swing tied to one of the big trees. I was very scared, couldn’t even move, I stood there for an hour thinking about jumping, but couldn’t because I was scared. My friends started singing to me a song that we learned together in school; “Do Not Be Anxious – Philippians 4:6-7”. As they were singing I JUMPED!
I couldn’t have done it without my friends and I needed my friends help.

Children in missions.
We have a pretty amazing opportunity right now to have our children with us every day working with us, learning skills beside us, and getting to know Jesus along with us.

The kids have been helping us with all kinds of things on the base. The have helped with cleaning and building, along with tons of the farming chores!

It been a season of growth, helping, and finding joy in each situation.

“Warren, do you think we can …”
This phrase is used day after day right now, sometimes multiple times a day. God provides us with some amazing things but often with every miraculous donation there’s a puzzle to be solved. From building animal cages out of only scraps to safely fitting and installing an industrial oven into a yurt there’s always something to figure out here on the ranch.


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