Past, Present, Future – God’s Faithfulness
Past, Present, Future – God’s Faithfulness

Past, Present, Future – God’s Faithfulness

“Yesterday – Past”

• Throughout this year we have had so many moments where God has guided us and helped us get to where we are now! I would like to take a moment to share with you some of the highlights for our family from this year.
• I, Dusty, got a job teaching ESL online in late January. I worked hard to get the qualification certificate but I truly thank God for that job as it helped keep us afloat through the transition into missions.
• Our landlord back in Canada not only let us out of lease early but after hearing about our mission dreams he actually gave us a month of rent for free. It was such a huge help as we were getting ready to leave.
• As some of you know, before we left Warren had a large surgery. He got in just in time to have enough time to recover before we headed to our YWAM schooling in Kona.
• The funds for our DTS came in chunk by chunk and we kept getting exactly what we needed for each upcoming bill. We had a fundraiser dinner, we wrote letters, we sold everything we owned and moved into suitcases. When it came to the outreach payment deadline though we started to get pretty worried when we were one of the only families that was still unpaid. All of the remaining money came in within days of our departure day in some extremely miraculous ways! For example; We got a donation of a Rolex watch to sell that ended up paying for nearly half of our outreach fees.

“Today – Present”

Currently we are in Mexico for our OUTREACH finishing up our Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YWAM. We have been helping the staff on the bases here, packing food supply boxes and taking them to families in need, praying for people on the beach, and helping at a new YWAM location as they set up their brand new location for Family DTS.

The kids have been helping so much. When we were in Tijiana, Mexico at the base Kayden was washing tables in the dinning haul daily! Both of the older kids helped with all of box packing. I’m so proud of the effort that they have been putting in. They are still having a ton of fun though, it’s not all work!

Here on the ranch, at the new YWAM Family DTS we have been helping with the little things that are on the “to do” list for the school to start on time in March. Cabin builds are being finished, things are getting organized, the children’s “Off The Grid School” is being built. Its a lot of hard work but with many hand and a good attitude it seems like a lot is getting accomplished.

“Tomorrow – Future”

“But, what comes next…”

After a lot of prayer, thought, and discussion our family is excited to announce that we are taking yet another leap of faith as we continue to follow Jesus.
We will be staying here in Mexico!

Our short term plan is to spend the next few months after our DTS ends at Rancho Abierto ( where we will join an amazing team of people. Everyone here really has a heart for families and bringing restoration to the families within the body of Christ. We will be working alongside them as the staff in the children’s school.

We are so excited to continue to learn more about the Mexican culture, continue to learn Spanish, grow a better understanding to what life in long term missions will look like, and above all continuing to follow Jesus in everything that we do!

We would love your continued partnership with us as Kingdom Builders as we make the transition into full-time missions.

You can pray for our family. We would especially appreciate prayers for this transition period, health, and financial support to cover all of our living and ministry costs.
We are praying that God will provide a 12-15 passenger van to use while we are here for our family and ministry needs. This is something we feel would greatly help the Ranch as a whole. We could either be gifted the money to buy a van or a van itself if it was driven to us from the USA or Mexico. Please pray with us about this!

Please pray about continuing your financial support or starting to support our family financially.
As we move into full-time missions monthly donations will help our family budget better. Currently we have an automatic monthly and one time support option through CTEN.

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