3 Vally Gap Heritage Ghost Town
3 Vally Gap Heritage Ghost Town

3 Vally Gap Heritage Ghost Town

I can’t express enough how much my family likes to go to museums! We seek them out wherever we go, so our trip to Revelstoke, BC was no exception. When we heard about Three Valley Gap Herritage Ghost Town I was so excited. I wasn’t what I expected, but it surprised me in so many great ways! The amount of amazing little sets that you were able to walk through made it such a cool experience.

There were some particular things about the ghost town that really stood out! Being able to go inside all of the old trains and really get a feel for how it would have been to travel on a train was really neat! They had them set up really nice and I genuinely felt like I was stepping back in time. Although the ghost train that was set up probably scarred my son for life! We may not have taken the warning too seriously, because how scary could a 50’s ghost train be? Apparently extremely scary for my poor seven-year-old son! So, if you are planning a trip with small children, definitely avoid that train!

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Our kids really enjoyed the mining exhibits that were set up. They found the wall of rocks fascinating and we spent quite a while looking at all the different rocks. In the same area was a basement ramp that leads to a little mine opening, which was obviously sealed off and possibly fake, but still really awesome and the kids loved it! It was also an educational experience to learn so much about how the area once was, I think learning the history around us really allows us to appreciate how far we have come!


  • Extreamly well priced
  • Family friendly, stroller accessable
  • Bathrooms with flush toilets
  • Clean and safe grounds
  • Spectacular mountain veiws all around
  • Trains to go inside
  • Tons of historical item to see


  • Could use more sighs explaining things
  • The giftshop was closed when we visited
  • With no map/sighs it can get confusing
  • Definitly not a “ghost town”

For more information you can visit them here —> 3 Vally Gap Ghost Town


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