EdAlive  Maths Invaders & Typing Tournament – Review
EdAlive Maths Invaders & Typing Tournament – Review

EdAlive Maths Invaders & Typing Tournament – Review

We love finding ways to learn that feel more like games than hard work, EdAlive really feels like you’re playing a game the whole time. We were able to try out Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online in a recent review and found that they were super fun ways to learn what might be thought of as some dry subjects! With these programs my son actually gets excited about math. We focused our review time on Math Invaders so that is the program I will primarily be talking about, although the Typing Tournament is a really great program and I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something to teach your children to type.

The Program And Gameplay For Math Invaders

Math Invaders is a very simple program which is great because it means that my child can play it solo and doesn’t need any help from me. Finding games like that is a real asset to our homeschool because it means that I don’t have to be right beside them as they’re working. The gameplay is also pretty simple, my son caught on quickly. In the Galactic Campaign, the student has to work through different missions using their math skills. There are a bunch of questions and the student has to fill in the answer to shoot at the questions. Each level is pretty quick but you also have the option to choose different difficulties so your student can challenge themselves even more.

There is also a Space Rescue gameplay option that is set up similar to a battleship type game. The children can play against computers or with other students online. The students place their pieces on the board and then they use math questions to charge up their energy to have more pieces to play on the board. The site also has an option that you can print worksheets if your child is in need of some extra practice or if they just like worksheets.

Things I Think You Might Like

  • Easy gameplay for indipendent play
  • Three different play options; Campaign, Sapce Rescue, and Practice
  • Ability to access different grade levels
  • Printable worksheets to go with each level
  • Progress reports

A Little About Typing Tournament

This is a really fun way for children to learn to type. They are able to play little games to practice their typing skills which makes it seem like they aren’t really doing any of the hard work of learning new things. The skills start out at the very basics so it’s great for children just learning but there is an option to skip ahead if the child already has some typing skills. My son is eight years old and seems to do really well with this way of learning how to type.

Where To Find EdAlive

On top of the two programs that I mention in this review, EdAlive also offers other game style learning programs. You can find all of there programs here; http://www.edalive.com/products/. You can also find them on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!


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