Educational iPad Apps
Educational iPad Apps

Educational iPad Apps

We use a lot of technology in our homeschool. One of the things I like to utilize, especially if I need the kids to be working independently. There are so many great learning iPad apps to choose from so I thought I would list our favourites by subjects that they cover! If there are any apps you think I should add to the list just leave a comment below.

I am not sure if these are also available on other tablet operating systems other than Apple.

Language Arts

Letter Kids – A super simple app that you trace the letters with your finger
Hooked On Phonics – Learning to read through games and little digital books
Starfall Learning – Learning to read though games
Teach Your Monster To Read – Little reading and phonics games to help with basic skills
Jolly Phonics – Short song about the phonetic sounds
All About Reading and All About Learning – A list of the phonetic sounds
Book Builder – A choose your own adventure story that reads to you
Letter Peak – Spell words with the set of letters given to you


Quick Math Jr. – Simple elementray math questions
Quick Math – Complete as the questions as quickly as you can, beat your best score
Prodigy – Wizard game that you use math facts to defete monsters

Social Studies

Google Earth – Map that you can zoom in and out on places
GEOBEE – National Geographics app of geography questions
Nat Geo Kids – National Geographics kids magazenes


Play And Learn Science – Little science lessons using games and complete the tasks
Dino Train – Super simple science games

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds


Scratch Jr. – Coding through short games and challanges
Kodable – Code by guiding a small monster through the world
Hopscotch – Coding by creating your own games
Tynker – Learn coding through games


Bible For Kids – Bible that reads to you and then you complete the activities
SuperBook – Bible stories, videos, games, and quizes
The Beginers Bible – Bible read and play options
Right Now Media – Bible related videos and bible studies

Mixed Subjects – Game to help you learn math skills and reading and writing
BrainPOP Jr. – Short videos aimed towards young children discussing multiple topics
BrainPOP – Short videos aimed towards slightly older children discussing multiple topics such as math, science, social, language arts, health, tech, arts, and music
Kahn Academy – Full lessons with quizzes for multiple different subjects including math, science, arts and humanities, computer, and test prep


ASL – Learn different sign language signs



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