Golden Eco Adventure Ranch Campground
Golden Eco Adventure Ranch Campground

Golden Eco Adventure Ranch Campground

We only spent a couple of nights at the Golden Eco-Adventure Ranch Campground but it was a really amazing experience! The campground was filled with everything that you could need. We were really happy with our stay, we chose to stay in a Yurt that they rent out for a nightly fee since it wasn’t a long stay. There was also a nice little store that we got firewood and ice cream from, a park for the kids to play at, and a little swimming pond (which we sadly didn’t get to use due to the horrible mosquitos). The campground was just minutes outside of Golden, BC which made getting to and from attractions very easy. One of the main attractions close by is the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, you can read about our adventures here: Golden Gondola Review

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The view from the campground of all the surrounding mountains really made you feel like you were nestled in a little piece of paradise. You could even catch the hang gliders coming down from the tops of the mountains to land in the nearby field. The kids really enjoyed watching them and have since added something new onto their personal bucket lists, although that won’t be happening for a while! If your looking for a place that is close to all the adventures in the area this is definitely the place for you!

We always like to stay at campgrounds that are clean and have nice facilities, this campground blew all of the rest out of the park! The grounds themselves were super clean, sightly hole filled due to the massive goffer population but super clean! They have potable water, dumping station if you needed that, power camping sites, rentable Yurts, and a very clean wash house. The wash house included not only toilets but also showers and laundry! One of our favourite features of the wash-house was the family bathroom, so I was able to get the kids all ready for bed and contain them in one place!


  • Clean, family friendly campgroud
  • Flushable toilets, free hot showers, and laundry fasilities
  • Playground and small beach on swimming pond
  • Small store that sells some treats and firewood
  • Large sites with power and water options
  • Close to all of Goldens attractions
  • Extreamly beautiful views
  • Very well priced Yurts


  • Really bad masquitos
  • High costs on firewood and convinient store
  • Swimming pond really small
  • golden-eco-adventure-ranch-campground

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