Homeschool Field Trips
Homeschool Field Trips

Homeschool Field Trips

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Going on regular field trips is one of the best parts about homeschooling! You get to explore so many places with your children where learning can happen. For history, you can visit a house that a real family was living in a hundred years ago, you can see their furniture, their clothes, and the way their house would have been set up. Science can be a walk in the river valley discussing the wildlife and surrounding nature. You can take a trip through time and space at your local science centre. Physical education can be something amazing like gymnastics or swimming lessons. There are endless possibilities on where you can take your learning journey!

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1. Forts and Museums

Can you think of a better way to learn about our history than to step back in time and really dive in? I think that museums are such a great way to get a visual of the past. The kids really enjoy all of the things that you can see and touch at museums. Most museums even have child specific activities, sometimes it’s only something simple like colouring pages but it’s nice that they have something for the kids.

2. Science Centers

We have only visited two science centers but we frequent them as often as we can because they just so happen to be my children’s favourite place to learn. We have visited space, stepped inside the human body, travelled back to the time of the dinosaurs, and learnt all about the earth. The science centers usually have some permanent exhibits as well as some changing exhibits so there’s always something new to see! They are also a great place to see educational movies, we have seen movies about pandas, dinosaurs, and the great barrier reef.

3. Nature Centers

Being out in nature is amazing enough on its own but visiting a nature center can really bring the education factor come to life. These nature centers usually show the local bugs and animals, different seasons, and other children friendly nature science topics. At our local nature center, they have a living beehive that the kids are able to observe and with that, they also run little programs all about the bees.

4. Indoor Play Park

You might be thinking to yourself that playing at the indoor park isn’t really a “field trip” but we count it as one in our household. Not only is it a time for me to sit back on the comfy couches and pretend that I’m not needed for five minutes, but this is also the time when my children are playing with other children. I know that homeschoolers are always making fun of socialization, but I find that when my children have free time to play with other children they are in a better mood overall.

5. Zoos and Aquariums

These places can be awesome for both solo family field trips and guided group field trips. Any zoo or aquarium we have come across has the option to book guided field trip which you can plan and then attend with other homeschoolers. Some of these places, such as our local zoo, have self-guided tours or lessons that you can do without a guide. Self-guided tours allow for a little bit more freedom and can make for a more relaxed day. That being said, they registered guided tours often take you behind the scenes which can provide amazing learning opportunities and lasting memories.


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