Homeschooling On A Budget
Homeschooling On A Budget

Homeschooling On A Budget

Homeschooling can be quite expensive with all of the things that you are buying and all of the places you are going. Then there is the classes and events that you register your kids in. All these things add up and even with the funding that we receive, it can be quite pricey. Over the past few years, we have been able to find some ways to cut down on the costs of homeschooling!

Get passes

Science centres, museums, rec centres, and even art galleries usually have passes that you can buy. Most of these are season passes that work out to be the same price as going to the place a couple of times. If you find yourself going to the same places for learning opportunities I would strongly suggest getting a pass. Our science centre pass paid for itself within the first month of having it so the rest of the year was basically free.

Use the library

Most places you can get a library card for really cheap or even free, this will significantly cut down on the number of books you need to buy. With a library card, you are also able to access some websites and apps for free that are filled with digital resources. We are able to apps such as Libby and Hoopla for our audiobook which I really love!

All About Learning Press


There are tons of free printables on TeachersPayTeachers that you can use for different subjects. You can also find things that you have to pay for but a lot of great things are free or really cheap.

Online courses or learning platforms

Tons of online courses and learning platforms are popping up all of the time and most of them are very reasonably priced or even free! We have used things like, Khan Academy,, and more. They honestly make things a lot more cost friendly and we are able to have things with us wherever we are as long as we have an iPad or laptop and the internet!

Used homeschool sales

Most places have used curriculum sales or there’s a town close by that does. There are also other options where you can buy used books off of eBay or Amazon. This allows you to still get the things that you are looking for just at a lesser price.

Buy things that multiple kids can use

If you have multiple kids that you plan to homeschool buying resources that they can all use can really cut down on the long term costs. It might not pay off right away but over the course of all of your children’s education it will pay off. On another side of this, if you keep things in nice condition you will be able to sell them later on. Again, it doesn’t pay off right away but if you can get up to fifty percent of your money back by selling the supplies later on it doesn’t seem as bad!


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