Just The Beginning
Just The Beginning

Just The Beginning

Kayden’s eyes began to tear up as he read to email aloud, “Aloha Kayden,
Welcome to Foundation School!” He turned and looked at us, teary-eyed, with a huge smile. “Wait, they accepted me?!” I nodded at him, keep reading buddy, “We are happy to let you know that you have been accepted to Foundation school at the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii. We are looking forward to seeing you on Arrival Day and to spend the following 3 months together with you.”

Just the beginning.

It’s really just the beginning of this big, scary journey that God has us on! We have only dipped our toes in what seems like a terrifying ocean ahead! Yet, we feel ready! Both I and Warren know that God has planned this path out for us long before we ever decided to walk it, in that we find great comfort.

As many of you know, we are currently fundraising to attend the YWAM Family Discipleship Training School. The things we learn at this training program will help equip us as a family for our journey in the mission field.

We have received confirmation now that Kayden and Emily have been accepted into the Foundation School! Both of the kids were so excited to receive their acceptance letters. Watching their faces as Kayden read his acceptance letter was similar to the scenes in the movies when someone is accepted into Harvard. You could see that this is his dream too, it made my heart swell.

Now our main focus right now is telling our story to as many people as we can and growing our ministry support team.

Our Fundraiser Dinner.

Our first fundraiser event was a success thanks to everyone who came out to hear our story! The love and support that we received were overwhelming! The night turned out to be an awesome time! We had some seriously amazing pasta and got to visit with some friends that we haven’t seen in a while! It was so great to see so many familiar faces there to support us!


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