Life Skills I Want To Teach My Children
Life Skills I Want To Teach My Children

Life Skills I Want To Teach My Children

There are a lot of aspects of education and there are so many things that can be taught! Sometimes we forget to teach some of the most important things because we don’t necessarily think about them as a big part of a child’s education. I have been thinking about the life skills that I want to teach my children since they were first born and now that we are homeschooling I think about these things even more often. I want to make sure that they are prepared for life in all aspects, not only academically. If you also have a list of life skills maybe you will be able to add some new things and if you don’t maybe you will decide that it’s something you would like to start!

Life Skill Number One: How to meal plan

It wasn’t until a few years into being married with children that I realized the value of meal planning and how valuable a skill it can be. Not only does meal planning help you budget your money but it also helps you not waste so much food!

Life Skill Number Two: Budgeting and dealing with finances

This is something that I really didn’t learn growing up so when I became an adult it was actually really hard to grasp and to be completely honest I’m still learning. Being able to teach my children how to manage their household money is definitely something that’s important to me.

Life Skill Number Three: How to cook

Teaching my children, both my son and my daughter, to cook is very important to me. I think that being able to cook is such an important skill for them to have so that they are able to make healthy food for themselves, they don’t have to eat unhealthy food all the time.

Life Skill Number Four: The Importance Of Getting Rid Of Things

I have already been teaching my kids this by teaching them that it’s important to get rid of the things that they are no longer using. There is no need to keep things that we might use one day and it’s helpful if this skill is taught when they are children.

Life Skill Number Five: How to set up utilities and other services

Learning where you call or how you set us things like utilities can be overwhelming when you get your first home and while I’m sure that you can find all of the information online it’s something that I would like to teach them before they have to go through it.

Life Skill Number Six: Simple maintenance of a vehicle

When I was younger no one taught me how to take care of my vehicle, I’m not sure if it’s because I was a girl or because people just thought it wasn’t a skill I needed. At the very least I would like my children to know how to check their oil, fill tires, and even change one if they need to!

What life skills would you like to teach your children?


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