LitWits Kits Review
LitWits Kits Review

LitWits Kits Review

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Reading and enjoying books is a huge part of our homeschool so when I heard that we would have the opportunity to review the LitWits Kits by LitWits I was super excited. These are literary kits that accompany some of the most popular books. They include things like hands-on activities, prop ideas, talking points, extra links, and more. Everything that is included in these kits helps children experience the books in a whole different way. Allowing the books to really come to life. We were lucky enough to get the kits for The Hobbit, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. We really dove into the kit for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland but I will be talking about what is included in all the kits.

What we liked most about the LitWits Kits

These kits are super simple to use although they do require some planning and prep on the parent’s end. There are things that you will need to gather and prepare for the props, the crafts, and the food items. We were able to find most of the things around our house or slightly adapt things for items that we did have in our home. For example, one of the crafts for the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland kit required a pringles container cut in half but we didn’t have any so I just made the half-tube shape out of a cereal box instead. The activity still turned out great and the kids seemed to really love it!

We also loved the other activities that we got to do for the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland kit! There was an art project of the painting of the roses and a food project where we made little cupcakes and drinks like the ones that Alice used to grow and shrink. The kids really enjoyed bringing the story off the pages of the book and into our house.

What is included in the kits?

  • Prop ideas
  • Hands-on activities
  • Cooking/Food activities
  • Takeaways (bits and pieces to talk to your children about)
  • Handouts (worksheets related to the book)
  • Learning links (links to other websites talking about the book and/or author)
  • Great quotes (quotes from the book)
  • Each of the kits are set up fairly similar and contain all the same main components. Some of the kits have more artistic projects and some of them take a more science experiment approach but they all have hands-on activities. Some of the activities aren’t projects at all but rather more like little games.

    The kits can be accessed on the website and downloaded to your computer or used online through their website. The website is super easy to use and allows you to simply click to the extra links. Although if you don’t like having your computer out the whole time there is also an option to print a pdf version of the kit to have on hand too. This makes it really simple to take this along with you if you’re teaching to a class or co-op.

    30% discount on LitWits Kits: Coupon code: HRCDRUM

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    30% discount on LitWits Kits: Coupon code: HRCDRUM


  1. Dusty we’re SO glad you and your kiddos enjoyed your experience in Wonderland through our kit! And we’re thrilled that you adapted your supplies to our list to “make do” – we do that all the time. We know how creative and flexible homeschoolers are, but it always tickles us to see you in action. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write and share this great review!

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