Living Without Electronics, Even Just For A Day!
Living Without Electronics, Even Just For A Day!

Living Without Electronics, Even Just For A Day!

In this day and age, I admit that it’s sometimes hard to say no to electronics, they are in most of our daily routines. This weekend my family got to experience a different sort of life. A life where tv, phones, and computers weren’t taking up all of our time. Even though I know every day is probably not going to be electronic free after seeing how my family reacted to this weekend I am going to try making them a less prominent part of our lives.

During a weekend in the summer, some truly amazing things happened as we set aside our electronics for our moment at rustic living. Not only did my children spend most of their time outside, so did my husband and I; and, we even enjoyed it! Also, my son, who usually is so uncontrollably hyper was actually able to participate in things like board games, chores, and even just “being bored” without losing his mind! My husband, the man who only reads when absolutely needed was found every morning reading for several hours before anyone else woke. In fact, he completed a whole entire book in one weekend!

I do believe that there are a place and a time that electronics can enhance our lives, but because they are so prominent in our every day we need to make time for the simpler things. Even I forget that just because our world is so dependent on electronics doesn’t mean that we should forget to go out and enjoy the world. It is our job as parents in a technological society to teach our children the benefits and joys of time without a screen.

So many amazing things happened when we put down the things we think are important and really place ourselves around things that are actually important! To find this happening more we are going to allow less electronic use and more free play, outdoor family time, and just “being bored” because these are the time when we seem to find things that are truly amazing! I know that I can’t completely eliminate these devices from our lives, but we will be taking more time to live life without them!

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