New Years Resolutions For 2019!
New Years Resolutions For 2019!

New Years Resolutions For 2019!

This year my New Years resolutions are very life, family, and work focused. I am excited to continue working towards my goals, but I am also excited to start some new projects! I always try to make some health goals in the new year, this year I have only made one goal but its very detailed and I think it will be attainable! I have put a lot of thought into this list and I am writing it here to help hold myself accountable and to also inspire other people to really aim big this year!

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#1 – Spend quality time with my children.
We spend a lot of time as a family being homeschoolers, but I find that I don’t spend enough one-on-one time with each of my children. This year I want to make it my goal to spend a minimum of 1 hour per week of uninterrupted quality time with each child.

#2 – Nurture my marriage more.
I feel like we have such huge goals that we have let our marriage hit the back burner a little bit in the sense that we don’t have quality alone time without our children. My goal is to have two dates a month with my husband so that we can really take care of our relationship! It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, we just need more alone time together to really grow closer together!

#3 – 30 Minutes of exercise each day.
This goal is to become more physically active so that I can achieve the goal of losing 100pounds next year. It has taken me a long time to love my body again and I feel like I want to do this so that I feel better daily and so that I have the energy to keep up with my kids! I know that being active daily will also help my mental health!

#4 – Grown in my/our faith.
I want to have a consistent time that our family is really spending time in our faith. We have been pretty good since starting our homeschool journey but I want this to be a more consistent family activity! I plan to do daily devotions with our children and do a couple of family bible studies throughout the year.

#5 – Work on and grow my business.
This past year has been for new beginnings, this coming year I want to continue to learn and grow. I have some awesome plans and hope to do some very cool things next year! I also want to work on personal development this year because I feel like that’s a super important part of getting out of the “what if” mindset and into the “I can do this” mindset!

#6 – Minimize EVERYTHING.
We have slowly been minimizing everything in our life for a couple of years now. Only having the things that we need and not having too much stuff. This is still hard for me because I have emotional connections with things. I want to continue to work on this and only have the things we actually need in our house! Our biggest goal is to travel the world with our children so in preparation I want to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle. Our travel goals aren’t the only reason the minimalistic lifestyle is appealing to me though, it will give us the freedom to focus on what really matters in our life!


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