Newborn Must-Haves • A Realistic List
Newborn Must-Haves • A Realistic List

Newborn Must-Haves • A Realistic List

Having a baby can be super overwhelming, especially once you start to look at all of the things that are available to buy for them! The question is always, what do you actually need? What are the newborn must-haves and what are just things that would be nice. Are there items that you absolutely don’t need or is having some of everything the best way to go? I’m hoping to shed some light on this situation and let you know what types of things I think are must-haves! After three kids I would like to think that I have some idea of the things that you need to have, but I also have a realistic view of what things you can live without too!

I think that the best way to do this will be to separate these newborn must-haves into different categories. I’ll break it up into headings such as feeding, clothing, sleeping, etc. and also talk about the age the baby will need the item. That way you will be able to see exactly what you need and at approximately what time you’re going to need it.


  • 3-6 onesie
  • 5-8 sleepers
  • 5 pants
  • 5 socks
  • 3 sleep sacks
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 touque


  • Diapers and wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Changing pad, even a thin one is fine


  • Baby cloths
  • Gentle soap
  • Baby tub support


  • Crib, bassinet, or, playpen
  • Sheets for whichever you choose
  • Blankets or swaddles


  • Carseat
  • Baby monitor
  • Thermomiter


  • Vitamin D drops

There are also things that are just nice to have but definitley are essential newborn must-haves. I think that if you are able to find these things used that would definitley help with keeping your budget less. We managed to find a lot of our baby supplies on the facebook sale groups or the marketplace. There are tons of other places you can find used baby supplies though. Lots of cities even have child spacific second hand stores!

A couple of things that aren’t essential but are definitely nice to have are things like a stroller and a diaper bag. I got our diaper bag used for $30 dollars, the same one brand new is over $100! Our stroller was new, however, I have a money-saving tip for that as well. In Canada and the USA, the car seat regulations are the same for all car seats sold, so the most expensive one actually passes the same tests as the cheapest. That means that you can keep your child just as safe in one of the budget brand car seat and stroller combos! My mom bought us our car seat and stroller combo from WalMart for just over $100, it’s SafetyFirst brand.

Another tip to getting the less essential baby items on a budget is to ask people you know if they have anything they are willing to get rid of. Lots of people are more than happy to hand things down to people they know! You can even just put a post on your social media with the things you are looking for and chances are someone will have one that they are willing to part with for free or very cheap.

I hope that this list and these tips help you feel less stressed about all the things that you need for your new little one!


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