I Am Not Getting My Husband A Christmas Gift
I Am Not Getting My Husband A Christmas Gift

I Am Not Getting My Husband A Christmas Gift

This year I have decided not to get my husband a Christmas gift, not because I don’t love him, but because I have a different idea of what I want our Christmas to look like. Every year since we have been married my husband and I stress over what to get each other. Usually, this ends up with one or both of us getting each other things that we don’t need and otherwise would never buy. While I understand the point of gift giving and receiving isn’t all about what you get if the things you are getting aren’t actually needed, do they really need to be bought in the first place?

The second reason is that my husband and I have some very unique life goals and mounds of random things really don’t fit into the lifestyle we are working towards. Both of us are attracted to a more minimalistic lifestyle where the focus is more on experiences, rather than physical objects. So, while we aren’t getting anything for each other to open up on Christmas day, we are indeed giving a gift! We will just add the money we would have spent on presents to our funds for doing things during the year!

Lastly, I do not think that we need to give a physical gift to show our love. I totally understand that a special gift to someone you love can be really great. What I am saying is that when you aren’t really giving special things and you are just buying gifts because it’s the expected thing to do at Christmas, do we really need to? That’s not what I want our Christmas to become. I want to build traditions with my husband and family that we can carry on through our lives. I want to make memories that will last a lifetime and nurture our relationships so that they continue to flourish!

What do you think about our no Christmas gifts? Is this something you would do with our significant other? Have you done something like this before?

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  1. Carol

    Love that this generation is seeing the slavery of “stuff”. The average Canadian owes 1.70 for every dollar they bring in. Is all this stuff really making people happy? Love the idea of experiences and time spent together.

    1. dusty_beatofourdrum

      I think that it can be a hard mindset switch, but it can also be very freeing. It does take a lot of work to come to that point though because of all the pressure put on by society and others, especially around the holidays! Hopefully, switching my mindset at this time of the year will help me accomplish this mindset during the rest of the year!

  2. Grandpa & I have had that mindset for years. Christmas resents are for kids who wait for Santa. Y gifts for little ones are cash for their RESP or what mom/dad figure they need or the child decides. Celebrate with presence over presents, especially when cash is tight.

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