Project Passport: The Middle Ages
Project Passport: The Middle Ages

Project Passport: The Middle Ages

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We enjoy learning about the middle ages. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring history to life. So when we got the opportunity to review Passport Project World History – The Middle Ages that were created by Home School in the Woods we were super excited. This history curriculum is filled with activities as well as the ability to do lap booking or note booking with pages filled with information. We decided to take a little bit of a different approach and do you the pages that interested us as we want and we will be hanging them on our social studies wall in our house. We are fortunate enough to have an entire wall dedicated to all the history and geography that we are learning. I can totally understand why people would rather have it in a notebook or lab book though. I just wanted to share how we are making it work for us.

The Lessons

The lessons in this curriculum are done really neatly. You’re basically going on an adventure through history as if you were travelling the world. You get to have your little luggage and a passport and you even get to design your own little luggage tags. After you have all the base projects done you set off on your journey of learning. You go through the text and make little stops along the way. These stops are where you will be learning about different things that happened in the middle ages. For example one of the stops is all about the castles and what was inside of them. There’s a story that you can read to the children all about the castles and then there is a project where they can colour the outside and inside of the castle. We decided to do the activity where you make our own castle, we made ours out of some bricks that we had laying around. If the homeschooling curriculum allows me to add to it as I please I know it’s truly the right fit for our family.

I think that this curriculum has the ability to be as full or as quick as you need it to be. You could definitely spend a bunch of time expanding each thing by adding in books and movies, documentaries and other hands-on projects to go along with it which I really love. I think that when you are able to add other things that you want to get to without changing the heart of the curriculum it is always better.

We really enjoyed travelling through the middle ages with the curriculum from Home School in the Woods we found that learning about all the different parts of the middle ages was so much more fun with the activities that they had planned out for you. It also made it seem like we were on a great adventure together. As if we were living back in the middle ages and we were simply just doing the normal day to day things.

The Projects

Some of the projects include making your own timeline. Where you add the people to your very own timeline as you learn about them. We also made little paper dolls to show what the people would have worn in the middle ages. There was also a great activity to make flower crowns and little hats that looked like the hats that Robin Hood wore. There was a section where we got to make a little menu. We decided to make the Beef and Barley stew. The kids thought it was pretty neat to be eating what they would have been eating so long ago. Throughout the curriculum, there are different pictures that you can look at. There are some audio stories that you can listen to.

Who Is It For?

I would recommend this to families who are homeschooling multiple ages and multiple children at one time. It’s super easy to adapt the curriculums to the ability of the child and you were able to do multiple projects at one time. This makes it so that you are only planning one thing and takes a little bit of the crazy off of our Homeschool mama plates. If you only have one child don’t let that stop you from buying this awesome curriculum though. It would definitely be fun for just you and your child to do.

More Products

We reviewed “Project Passport: The Middle Ages” but Home School in the Woods also has a bunch of other amazing homeschool curriculums. They have more world history ones, American history, as well as some smaller packages that you can buy. I highly recommend going to their website to check out what they have because chances are there’s something perfect for you and your family.

One of their NEW products is their US ELECTIONS LAP PACK. I think it’s a great way to teach children about the elections. This particular study is only $18.95USD for the family licence.
You can buy is here:

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