Soundsory Review
Soundsory Review

Soundsory Review

When we first started homeschooling it was because of the challenges my son faced with ADHD in a traditional school setting. We are always excited to try things that can help him without being overly invasive. Soundsory by Sound for Life LTD. does just that! They have provided a way to help with the issues that arise from learning and sensory disabilities through music and movement. For most parents with children who have ADHD, Autism, developmental issues, sensory and processing disorders being able to help them can be life-changing! I know that we are always excited to try things that can help our son with the struggles that come from his ADHD.

What is Soundsory?

Soundsory uses a set of pre-programmed headphones that deliver 25 minutes of music followed by 5 minutes of movement that the child can follow along. The program is simple to use, the person wears the headphone which delivers rhythmic music through both air and bone conduction. They then use the videos provided online and follow along through the exercises for the body movement portion.

It is recommended to use the Soundsory Headset while relaxed and doing activities that they really enjoy. This might be something like playing with lego or painting a picture. This makes the program best for when your child is having some designated quiet time.

How we used Soundsory.

I’m going to be completely honest with you here. Soundsory really didn’t work for us how I was expecting. The sounds actually really irritated my son’s senses, but we were in the middle of a large move and he was extremely stressed with high anxiety though this review. We plan to try the program again once we are completely settled. I think that Soundsory will work great for us if we use it during his quiet times when he’s usually playing lego. He did, however, enjoy the exercises and actually mentioned several times that he wished that the exercise portion was actually longer.

*I will update this blog once we try Soundsory over again.*

What I think you will like best

  • This is a risk-free way to help people with ADHD, Autism, developmental issues, sensory and auditory processing disorders, motor delays, or balance and coordination issues.
  • Set-up and use are both very simple.
  • Very portable so you’re able to take with you wherever you go, even comes with storage case.
  • Can be used with multiple people.
  • Easy to use over and over again
  • What is the cost of Soundsory?

    The Soundsory Headset can be purchased through the Sound for Life LTD. for $299. This includes the headset, carrying case, headband, a USB charging cable, and the user manual. Also included is access to the online videos used for the body movement part of the program. As an added bonus the headset comes with a bluetooth mode so you’re able to use the headset as a regular headphone set with any device that has bluetooth capability.

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