Story Of The World – Vol. 1 Ancient Times
Story Of The World – Vol. 1 Ancient Times

Story Of The World – Vol. 1 Ancient Times

I always knew that I wanted my kids to learn about history, my only issue was I didn’t want to teach it in the dry way I learnt it in school. My goal was to have our history lessons to be a journey through time where we got to experience the culture, food, family life, and religion. I wanted my children to feel like they were inside the time period we were studying. After looking through piles and piles of history curriculum I finally came across Story of the World and short of going to the countries and seeing the history for ourselves, this was by far the best thing I could find!

This history curriculum is based around a living book that tells the story of people from the very first cave people to the all the way to the end of the Roman Empire. The stories are all so engaging, my son continually is asking me to just keep reading. The curriculum doesn’t only include history though, also included is geography through mapping skill pages and art through the many projects. They suggest that you use this for grades 1-4 but we are currently including our daughter in the lessons who’s only Kindergarten level and she’s absolutely loving it!


  • Books with pictures and maps
  • Worksheets availabe in avtivity book or as printed student pack
  • Available as an audiobook
  • Includes both fact and fiction/myths
  • Activity book includes:
    1. Question & Answers
    2. Narration practice
    3. Maps & Geography
    4. Colouring Pages
    5. Additional reading lists
    6. tons of activity ideas


  • The amount of activities seem overwhelming
  • Higher priced curriculum
  • Some recommended books aren’t available

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

Story of the World allows us to customize our history curriculum and include all the amazing things we want to do. We are able to make crafts that follow along with the story, things like a replica of the Nile River or mini pyramids. There are recipes that we can make so that we really taste the past! There are so many things that we add as well, things such as extra storybooks, trips to the museums, and documentary movies.


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