Supercharged Science Review
Supercharged Science Review

Supercharged Science Review

If you’re the kind of family that is always struggling with coming up with things for science or you’re just feeling like you don’t have the time to come up with everything then Supercharged Science might be perfect for you! We were able to review this science program, e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum, and found that there is really something for everyone! We don’t really homeschool by grade but rather by interest so we ended up bouncing around a lot through the topics. I think providing both a grade by grade or topic option to sift through the different areas of science really allows a family to tailor it to their own children!


The Lessons

The program includes twenty different units covering multiple science topics, each unit has a few lessons filled with videos, reading and experiments. My children really enjoyed the fact that there were “how to” videos to all of the experiments as well as other informational videos scattered throughout the lessons. We just roamed through the topics that my children found interesting and chose different experiments and videos to watch that way. For example, in Biology, all we decided to do was the Owl Pellet dissection as well as watching the “Why do birds migrate?” video. The ability to work in order as a full unit or to jump around to follow the child’s interests at the moment is such an awesome feature.

All of the lessons also include some reading pages packed with information about the topic. You can either read these pages right from the computer of you have the option to print the reading pages off. This could make for a great book of all the science topics your child covers in a year if you were to print all of the reading pages off. The pictures in the reading pages really add to the lesson, although both my children and I thought that the pictures could have been a bit larger.

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Something For Mom

While checking out the website I decided to check out the “Resources” page thinking that it would be more information for the children. To my surprise, its a page packed full of helpful little articles for me! There are some really great and helpful things, I particularly liked the Science websites for homeschoolers to explore and Homeschooling with ADHD. I can’t wait to take some more time to really dive into that page and check out everything it has to offer!


What I think you’ll like best

  • All the planning work is done for you
  • Video of the projects allow for more independent work
  • Advice or links on where to get the supplies for projects
  • Easy to navigate the Topics or Grade Levels
  • You can use for multiple children
  • Covers from pre-k all the way to high school levels


If you are looking for even more awesome science stuff I would suggest looking at the Supercharged Science Facebook page or their Youtube channel! It’s also a great way to keep track of special offers or the summer camps that are offered!

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