The Rec Room
The Rec Room

The Rec Room


If you’re looking for a place to have fun at any age, The Rec Room is the place for you! Honestly, I was very leery about going here, the idea of an all-ages arcade wasn’t too appealing to me. When we got there though, I was amazed! There were tons of things for not only young people to do but also the adults in our group! I really enjoyed the option of arcade games and other activities such as bowling, axe throwing, and a VR arcade!

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Food and drinks were another great part of the experience! All non-alcoholic drink had free refills as long as you kept your glass. Alcoholic drinks were paid per drink but you could take your drinks anywhere in the building! This just adds to the adult fun factor, although I personally don’t drink right now, the adults I was with really enjoyed this. There were multiple different food options. There were arcade style food options, more grab and go items. Then there was the actual restaurant area where you could go for a more sit down dining atmosphere.

To play the games you have to get game credits added onto a wristband. Then you simply just tap your wristband onto the games. The wristband is also where your “tickets” for prizes are stored so you don’t have to worry about losing tickets or carrying tons of tickets around. Also, you can play and keep your tickets for another time, which I really liked because that means we don’t have to spend our tickets on little junk each time, we can save for something awesome!


  • Family friendly (some locations are adult only at certain times)
  • Arcade style games
  • Reasonable cost
  • Delicous food, kid-friendly food
  • Free refills on juice/pop
  • Game credits on wristband
  • Quality prizes
  • Other options besides arcade games (bowling, axe throwing, VR)
  • Huge “game” tvs


  • Extreamly loud
  • No child security percausions
  • Fun adult games dont give you tickets for prizes


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