Top 5 Educational Websites
Top 5 Educational Websites

Top 5 Educational Websites

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Despite all of the controversy around electronics and children, I find them to be an extremely helpful tool in our homeschool. There are different sites for everything you can think of, to help with everything. I think that as long as we are using these as tools that add to a well-rounded education then it’s okay. Here are some of our top educational websites for you to check out.

A site full of amazing resources for all subjects and topics. Different math, reading, writing, and typing games that serve all different abilities. The games are engaging and easy for children to navigate. There is also a huge selection of printable worksheets that cover 11 different subjects and span from preschool to high school. Lessons plans for grades pre-k through fifth grade for you to print use, very simple and all-inclusive. The website also includes many more helpful resources.

Mystery Science

Mystery Science provides science-related unit studies divided into lessons plans that include everything you need for a science lesson. Each lesson includes three sections, exploration, activity, and extras. Each unit has an age recommendation to help you choose the best topic to study for your children. They offer the first lesson for each unit study in the free version, they also offer a free mini-lesson each week. That alone would be enough to keep you busy and have most of your science needs covered, but there is also a paid version that is a very reasonable annual cost.

PBS Kids

You might not think of PBS kids as an educational tool but they have a bunch of games that are fun for the children and sneak in learning opportunities. There are 28 topics that you can choose from, including things such as, social studies, measurement, science, stories, and nature. You can also watch all of the kids PBS shows right on the site which makes a safe place for your children to watch their favourite shows. The website has a super child-friendly interface.

Prodigy Game

This is by far the best math game we have found, the game is an engaging story of a wizards journey through a magical world and you help him on his journey by fighting monsters by casting spells, which you do by answering the math questions correctly. On the parent/teacher end, you have the ability to see all of the skills your child is learning. You can view reports, create assignments, and schedule a plan for each student.

Book Pagez

Finding novel studies for the books you plan on reading can be difficult, but when you have one specific space where you can find novel studies for multiple different books in one handy place. The studies are searchable by reading level, grade level, and genre. They offer six free samples so that you can get a good idea of what they novel studies include. The memberships can be purchased in both monthly and annual increments, so you can fill all of your novel study needs.

top 5 educational websites

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

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