We Don’t Need A Homeschool Room
We Don’t Need A Homeschool Room

We Don’t Need A Homeschool Room

If you have been homeschooling or looking into homeschooling for any amount of time I am certain you have come across the homeschool room pictures or videos. If not, this is basically a room in someone’s house that they use for school. There are varying degrees in which people use these homeschool rooms, some people use them for all of their schooling needs and some people just store their supplies in them. When we first started our homeschooling journey I wanted a homeschool room so badly! I thought that it would make everything better. For a while, we even did have a homeschooling/playroom in one of our houses, but it just didn’t work for our style of homeschooling or living in general.

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Instead, what has worked best for us is storing our school supplies in the kitchen. We can use the table if we need to but it really allows more freedom for us. Being in the central part of the house I have the ability to be doing something else while my kids are working. This allows time for me to do all of the little things around the house. Also, I don’t have to leave them for things like making lunch or washing dishes. Another bonus about having all of the homeschooling stuff in the kitchen is it really allows you to see what you want to get done all the time. You’re not just hiding things away to get forgotten about. I realize that not everyone’s homeschool rooms would become just one giant storage bin that’s never entered, but mine would be!

Another reason why a homeschool room isn’t practical for us is that we don’t sit at a desk or table to do a lot of our school. We have a lot of online schooling on the iPads, we enjoy reading living books together on the couch, and we like going out to different places for field trips so having a room didn’t really make sense. If we do happen to need a table it’s usually because we are doing a huge project and then it’s super handy to have the sink close by! If you don’t plan to have your children sitting at a desk a lot then homeschooling rooms can become a space to just collect more stuff which isn’t great for our lifestyle.

We get along just fine without a homeschool room and now three years into our journey I actually don’t want one anymore at all. If anything I would like to move to a warmer place where we can have a one room open house that opens up to the outdoors. Obviously, I know that what works for us won’t work for everyone but I do think that homeschooling can be done without a designated space. As new homeschoolers, it can be easy to get caught up on the small things or in this case room size things, rather than just getting started with what you have at the time!


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