What Does Mom Really Want For Christmas
What Does Mom Really Want For Christmas

What Does Mom Really Want For Christmas


How Often Do You Hear, “What Does Mom Really Want For Christmas?”

As I was scouring the internet for gift ideas for my family I came across these really awesome blog posts by HappyHeartHappyHome and TrulyYoursA about what moms really want for Christmas. I thought this was such an awesome idea and it really hit home because my husband and children are forever asking what I want. The truth is, as great as the pictures for the walls and the coffee mugs are, what I really want is quite different.

Perfect holiday gifts are here!

I want to have “me” time; I’m not talking about some grand adventure or extended time away. I am talking about no family meetings while I am trying to urinate. I am talking about a morning coffee without playing ten million questions. I am talking about time to breathe!

I want someone else to cook dinner; Sometimes I just want someone else to cook dinner and I don’t mean that I want someone to order in or pour the Cheerios! I want someone to make magic in the kitchen and feed it to me!

I want the laundry folded; I know that it makes the most sense for me to do the laundry because I am the one at home with the washer and dryer, but once in a while, it would be nice for someone else to take ginch folding duty! (Note: My husband does help with this occasionally)

I want everyone to be happy and thankful: I know I’m not the superwoman of moms, I yell sometimes, I cook kraft dinner too much, and I’m a lump when I’m sick, but it would be nice to hear how awesome you think I am anyway! Give me hugs when I’m not expecting them, I am huggable even when it’s not bedtime! Don’t scream at me when I make broccoli for dinner, just say thank you and then feed it to the cat. Last of all, you can tell me how beautiful I am when I’m sick and have been wearing the same pair of pyjamas for the past week, honestly, that would be really nice!

I want more moments; I know this post has had a bit of a comedic tone so far but this is where it gets a little more serious. My children are now eight and five, I feel like the time just flew by. One moment I was complaining about how many poopy diapers there were and the next moment I’m teaching my second child to read. I need more time, more moments, more cuddles, and more memories! I need to embrace every moment of childhood that’s left so just humour me when I want to cuddle during a movie. Allow me to spend the day reading to you or let me be totally embarrassing when we go out because the truth is I am just soaking it all up!



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