Alberta Railway Museum
Alberta Railway Museum

Alberta Railway Museum

The Alberta Railway Museum is such an amazing railway museum filled with a bunch of neat things to look at! If you have someone in the family that really loves trains or you would just like to see how transportation looked before all the cars, this is a place that you need to see! This is by far one of the best train museums that we have been to so don’t let the first looks throw you off. When you first drive up it really only looks like a couple of buildings and one train but once you start exploring you see that it’s so much more.

There are several trains that you can walk through and explore. They are filled with bits and pieces from the past to really make you feel like you have travelled back in time. I really enjoyed this part of the experience because it meant I had plenty of things to take great pictures of! Everything was labelled with little informational placks which really appreciate because not only are we visiting these types of places because we love them but also because this is part of our children’s education.

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The train ride that is offered is nothing exciting and is probably one of the worst that we have been on. It’s simple and short, the train just goes back and forth a couple of times on a straight track. Even with the lacking train ride, I would still recommend visiting them because of all the other things!

Location wise it was very accessible, it wasn’t too far of a drive from the heart of Edmonton which means that it can be an easy day trip. You could pack a lunch and make a day of it, having a picnic at the tables they have around the grounds. There’s even a cute little gift shop that you can buy any of the train trinkets at! We really felt a family vibe around the whole museum and think that most kids even if they aren’t overly into trains would enjoy just looking aro


  • Great price
  • Family friendly, stroller accesable (except in the train cars)
  • Little store with snacks, drinks, and gifts
  • Awesome history and trinkets to look at
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Reasonable admission fee


  • Extra cost for the train ride
  • Nothing to buy for lunch
  • Lots of steap stairs, problem for those with limited mobility


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