Edmonton Telus World Of Science
Edmonton Telus World Of Science

Edmonton Telus World Of Science

We tend to visit the Telus World Of Science about once a month, sometimes even more! Usually, we spend a bunch of time there when the weather starts to get cold! It’s a great place to spend the day with the family as a large outing or simply just pop in for a few hours midweek to get out of the house!

They have some exhibits that stay the same and provide fun hands-on activities all throughout the year. Also, they have a feature exhibit room that changes several times throughout the year. So far the exhibits we have seen are Sci-fi Entertainment, Dinosaurs, and Animals InsideOut. They are usually free with a membership but sometimes there is a small fee to see the feature exhibits.

The Imax movie theatre that shows amazing educational movies is always a fun treat. They even sell popcorn and drinks so you can make a real movie expeaiance of it! The building also has a place where you are able to eat your packed lunches or buy something from the cafe! The food is well made and tastes really good. Most of the options are healthy so you can feel good about eating there.

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Telus World Of Science has many different programs for children to take part in. They have school break and summer camps. Different types of birthday parties you can have there, including sleepover parties. Lastly, they hold homeschool classes during the week for homeschoolers to take part in the same field trip type days.


  • Reasonable prices yearly memberships
  • Bathrooms thoughout the building
  • Cafe and dinning area to eat
  • Fun and interactive exhibits
  • Really nice space dome
  • IMAX theater
  • Changing freature exhibit
  • Awesome homeschool classes
  • Kid play are for under 8


  • Pricey for one time entry
  • Food is expensive at the cafe
  • Feature exhibit doesn’t change often
  • Kids play area is for ONLY under 8
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