All About Reading Pre Reading Level
All About Reading Pre Reading Level

All About Reading Pre Reading Level

Teaching your children to reach can be one of the most amazing things you will experience, or it can be one of the most stressful things that you will experience. I believe that having the right tools to help you teach your children is key! When we first started homeschooling I did hours and hours of research when picking curriculum, I settled on All About Reading. We have been using the All About Reading programs in our homeschool for three years now with our son, now we have the opportunity to start from the very beginning with our daughter!

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We got the All About Reading Pre-reading for our daughter because she’s younger and doesn’t quite have the basics down that our son did when we started with him. The program goes through learning five different skills that will help with learning to read. These skills are print awareness, phonological awareness, letter knowledge, listening comprehension, and motivation to read. The skills are taught is a few different ways that keep the children interested throughout the course.

My daughter is currently really enjoying the rhyming card activities that we do together. She says that it’s a fun way to see how words work together. The student activity book has little alphabet craft sheets which have super simple crafts that go along with each letter. As well as some other activity sheets and worksheets the children will complete throughout their lessons. All About Reading Pre-reading comes with two readers that you will read to your child. The first book is filled with all the capital letters and short stories to go along with each. While the second book is filled with all the lowercase letters that are paired with poems.

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I honestly think that the way that this curriculum is presented truly sets up children for success when it comes to reading. It allows you to use the program at your child’s pace, so you can choose to do a lesson a day or a lesson a week; whatever works best for your family. The fact that you aren’t feeling like you are being rushed through the child is struggling with a particular skill is such a lifesaver!


  • Easy layed out lessons
  • Lessons can be completed at childs pace
  • Read aloud time is scheduled into to lessons
  • Can be completed without the puppet
  • Includes two parent readers
  • Activity cards and letter cards for handson learning
  • Craft pages really add a fun element to learning to read
  • Sticker progress chart and compleation award
  • Able to use for multiple children if you buy new activity book


  • Not all inclusive language arts program
  • Pricey for only reading curriculum
  • Activity book can get messy
  • Letter and activity cards aren’t laminated
  • All About Reading Pre-reading


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