The Sassafras Science Adventures Review
The Sassafras Science Adventures Review

The Sassafras Science Adventures Review

sassafras-scienceThe Sassafras Science Adventures is a science curriculum that uses a living book as the spine. You find yourself going on an adventure with Blaine and Tracey Sassafras as they travel through time and space on their invisible zipline. You have an option of using a notebooking or lapbooking method for the note-taking portion of the curriculum. Each volume comes with activities and experiments, they even have an option to buy the experiment supplies so you don’t have to worry about finding everything. The teacher book has all the instructions and even has lessons plans to make things super easy!

There are six different volumes which cover multiple different science topics. The topics covered throughout the series are Zoology, Anatomy, Botany, Earth Science, Geology, and Astronomy. For each volume, there is a new book where the twins go on an adventure to a new place. I’m sure that you could use The Sassafras Science Adventures for all of your child’s elementary age science lessons.

One of the great things about these living book types of curriculums is that if you are embracing a more non-bookwork situation in your homeschool you can simply just use the books to read to your kids. They would definitely still get a ton of information from just reading the books. These are the types of stories that you can keep reading over and over again as your family read aloud, a story that your children will keep enjoying for years to come!


  • Engaging child friendly story.
  • Book has small illistrations.
  • Science expiriments that compliment the lessons.
  • Lists of additional reading materials.
  • Demonstration supply list.
  • Project and activity list.
  • Incorperates encyclopidia reading.
  • Choice of lapbook or notebook.
  • Audiobook available for download.
  • Free printables.


  • Long chapters.
  • Lapbook is only available as a printable.
  • Lapbook lesson plans aren’t included in the teacher book

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