Answering The Call Into Missions • YWAM Family DTS
Answering The Call Into Missions • YWAM Family DTS

Answering The Call Into Missions • YWAM Family DTS

Video One • Answering The Call Into Missions • Haayema Family Ministry • YWAM Family DTS from Dusty Haayema on Vimeo.

Answering The Call Into Missions • YWAM Family DTS

We are a family of five, Warren, Dusty, Kayden, Emily, and Caleb. We are going to be entering the mission field with our family this September 2020! We will be stating this calling at the YWAM Family Discipleship Training School!

Warren and I have always felt the calling to help people. Even in our younger years, we volunteered in our community. As we settled into family life and the regular day to day tasks we never lost that passion for helping. We have helped out in our church and community in different ways but we felt like God was telling us to think bigger!

I first found out about YWAM through a social media position that I had applied for. It was mission work that I would do from the comfort of my own home. God was really working in our lives though. Both Warren and I were starting online companies and we were really feeling the pull to see the world. I have always wanted to see the world that God had made and document the things that I see.

Our plan at first was to basically just be on an extended work holiday. We would go to warm beachy places and work a bit online and spend the rest of the time relaxing and living a comfortable life. That didn’t quite fit with the plans that God had for us though. Over the course of about six months, we started seeing a lot of things about the mission. At church, there was a whole campaign to support all of the foreign mission trips. We missionaries on social media and youtube all of the time!

Around the same time that Warren was feeling the call to quit his job, I was pulled towards researching different ways that we could do missions with our family. I found YWAM’s Family Discipleship Training School and absolutely fell in love. It took a little longer for Warren to fully accept the call, but we both ended up at the same place.

We are all very excited to start this journey into the missions field and we are excited to bring you along with us!

We have been full speed ahead with this YWAM Family DTS calling since!


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