Even In This Time Of Uncertainty
Even In This Time Of Uncertainty

Even In This Time Of Uncertainty

Even in this time of uncertainty, we know,
God is good all the time.

We see a world full of fear and uncertainty right now. Our lives are being consumed with the current pandemic that has taken the world under its evil hand. Many of us are living very different lives then we were only a month ago.

Like many other families around the world, we have Daddy home almost fulltime now. While we love him dearly that means that some financial things are a little uncertain, but we remember, God is good.

We are worshiping and gathering as a church family from our living room, which is definitely strange. We remember, God is good.

My peaceful alone time shopping has been replaced by online pickups and glove covered employees. We remember, God is good.

At times I question where this will leave us, what is God’s plan for us? And without fail, every day I am reminded, God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.

How things are looking for us right now.

As of right now, things look a lot different for our short term plans:

With the gather bans across the country, it has put a kink in a lot of our fundraising plans. We had planned to hold a community garage sale and host a bottle drive. These are not possible right now.

We have taken a different approach to meet with the people who have been praying for us because we aren’t able to meet with anyone in person. We have been sending emails and chatting over video chat.

In the short term, as we go through this time of social distancing we are focusing our ministry to reaching people virtually. Warren and I are hosting a Sunday Kids Time so that the church friends can all see each other. I have also started an online Womans Worship where women will be able to come together in the word and spend time praying for one another.

Although, things look to be the same for our long term plans:

YWAM Kona released its COVID-19 statement stating that their April classes have all been cancelled. As of right now, they plan to still have the Summer and September semesters run as normal. This means, we still plan to leave September 24th, 2020 for our YWAM Family DTS.

Our long, long term plans are to still enter a 2+ year oversea missionary position when we are done our Family DTS.

We are faithful that God is bringing us through these valleys so that we are prepared for His work and that His plan is always the best plan.


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