Awesome Early Readers
Awesome Early Readers

Awesome Early Readers

When our children are first learning to read we are always looking for early readers to catch their interest and keep them hungry for reading. We tend to lean towards books that are full of humour for the kids because they will want to keep reading. I also enjoy books that teach life lessons in a child-friendly way! The books that I normally lean towards are fun to read but include simple sentences that encourage children’s confidence when building their fluency skills.

Amelia Bedelia

These books are hilarious with all the idioms used, the kids really get a kick out of all the silly things that Amelia does. Each book has some extremely cute illustrations that go along nicely with the humour of the book. The book is made up of easy to read sentences with tons of sight words so the book can be read with ease and build confidence.

Danny And The Dinosour

Simple early readers that tell fictional stories about a boy and his dinosaur going on adventures together. The stories teach lessons like how to be a good friend, how to overcome your fears, and how to help people. Each book is written with sight words and sentences designed to help children learn fluency.

Adventures Of Toad And Frog

A happy toad and grumpy frog live their life together, which sometimes leads to some funny situations. The book is full of cute illustrations of toad and frogs adventures. It teaches kids sensitivity while still providing a humorous storyline.

An Elephant & Piggie

Two unlikely friends, a pig and an elephant, going on daily adventures together. The book is written as a conversation in speech bubbles. This way of writing allows you to use these books in a parent/child shared reader. The really simple sentences are great for struggling readers and the basic illustrations are great for providing no distractions.

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