Top 5 ABC Books
Top 5 ABC Books

Top 5 ABC Books


One of the best ways to teach your child their ABC’s is to read the books with the alphabet as the focus. Books do this in different ways, sometimes just list things that start with each letter and sometimes the letters are worked right into the story. We have found so many great ABC books over the years but by far my favourite kids are the ones that have amazing illustrations to go along with the story.

The Wildlife ABC – A Nature Alphabet Book by John Thornhill

This is a book that matches each letter to a wild Canadian animal. The illustrations are of all the beautiful animals, done in an art style that looks like pencil crayon drawings. In the back of the book is a couple of pages that give a little nature note about each animal so you can even incorporate this book into an older child’s lessons.

Adventure With Barefoot Critters – An ABC Book by Teagan White

Cute little woodland creatures and a triceratops going on about their daily life while following the alphabet. The book is filled with adorable illustrations of the little animals. With the story also following the seasons you can use this book to introduce those as well on top of the letters and animals.

A Mountain Alphabet by Margriet Ruurs and Andrew Kiss

While the story that this book takes you an is great the best part is by far the pictures! The illustrations are truly amazing and the artist even worked in multiple different things for each letter as well as a hidden letter in each picture as an eye-spy type of thing. The story takes you through all of the things that you can do in the Rocky Mountains.

Dr.Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book by Dr.Seuss

How could we have an alphabet book list without including this classic! What I like best about this book is that it includes both uppercase and lowercase letter. The rhymes keep the kids interested and the illustrations add so much humour to the already silly story.

The OCEAN Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

Travel through the North Atlantic Ocean while exploring different creatures that live there in order of the alphabet. I really like that this book doesn’t just state the letter and the animal but it also tells some facts about said animals. The pictures in this book are also very captivating.


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