Edmonton Vally Zoo
Edmonton Vally Zoo

Edmonton Vally Zoo

We visit the Edmonton Vally Zoo quite frequently since moving to Edmonton. The zoo is pretty small compared to other zoos in the country. That being said, it’s a nice place to take the kids to get them out of the house! We enjoy walking around the zoo grounds and just looking at all of the different animals. If you’re looking for a nice place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon I would definitely recommend checking out the zoo!

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There are a few different sections of the zoo, each with a different theme of animals. They have the indoor building with the snakes and lizards. The outdoor area with all of the preditors, I enjoy this area because I can watch the tigers! Another indoor area has monkeys and other more tropical type animals. The outdoor bird area is a favourite, especially during feeding time! Obviously, there’s more than that but those are the ones we visit every time.

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The zoo also offers some really awesome educational options, from classes to backpacks filled with learning materials. You can rent backpacks that include some different educational materials so that you are able to do self-guided tours. They also host a bunch of different activity days throughout the year and they have learning booths set up all over the zoo. We went to the Mothers Day event there and it was a really special day, I think they did a fantastic job!


  • Family friendly, stroller and wagon accessable
  • Great NATURAL play area
  • Easy to see everything in one day
  • Great activities thoughout the year
  • Good assortment of animals to see
  • Bathrooms throughout the grounds
  • Food and snacks inside the zoo in the summer
  • Rentable strollers
  • Reasonable price, yearly pass options
  • Great gift ship with cute gifts
  • Friendly and helpful staff


  • The enclosures seem very small
  • No places to buy food inside during the winter


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