Golden Gondola
Golden Gondola

Golden Gondola

When most people think about a gondola they think about all things winter, but we visited the Golden Gondola this summer and it was a magical experience! Being able to go up to the top of the mountain with my small children, who definitely wouldn’t have walked all the way up, was such an amazing experience. My daughter was so happy to be on top of the world. My son was just as nervous as I was being so high up, but he was still a brave little guy and had a good time. Touching the snow in the middle of July was so neat!

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All of the staff at the resort were super nice. When we went to purchase the tickets we originally wanted to do the bear tour and the gondola ride. The man selling the tickets informed us that there wasn’t time to do both and also told us that even if we bought the bear sight tickets we would probably miss the talk anyways. We were so thankful for his help and honestly, he very well could have sold us the two tickets anyways but he took the time to really help us! The lady at the top of the mountain chatted with us and our children for about 20 minutes because my son insisted that we go down the mountain in a panda basket. She was so patient and kind even though we were being a little bit silly.

By far the best part about this experience was the view. To see the mountains for the top was so amazing. I really feel like it’s something that everyone should experience at least once in their life. We were also lucky enough to spot Boo, the local bear! The kids were so happy to have been able to see him, although if we have the chance to go back I would like to spend a little more time with him!

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  • Beautiful views and picture opportunities
  • Option to hike or bike down
  • Resturaunt at the top
  • Boo the bear sighting
  • Other things to do around the resort
  • Clean bathroom facilities
  • Friendly staff


  • Pricey compared to other gondola rides
  • Early closing time, would like sunset view


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