Last Minute Christmas Gift
Last Minute Christmas Gift

Last Minute Christmas Gift

Okay, for those of you who figured waiting until the very last weekend before Christmas to actually go shopping for people, thing one is for you! Just kidding, there is no shame in needing a last minute Christmas gift. Sometimes it just happens that way, but you don’t want to be in a position where you are stopping at the gas station on your way! I always end up having that one people that you have to buy for but you just don’t know what to get, these gifts would also work for someone like that on your list!

Books – Pick something that you are currently really enjoying, something that has changed your life, or just a best seller! You could even get them a book that’s in the series that they are currently reading or a special version on a book they already love!

Movie Tickets – You can simply just buy the movie ticket vouchers so that the person can go to the movies anytime! Sometimes it’s easier to just buy someone an experience, especially if you don’t know them very well!

A House Plant – These could be good for anyone who had their own house. Plants really add a little bit of life to the spaces around you!

Bag Of Coffee Beans – You can get a nice bag of coffee bean for almost any grocery store or coffee shop. I like to gift the Starbucks Christmas Coffee because it’s a special holiday treat!

Coffee Shop Gift Card – This is a pretty basic gift but if you know the person is on a budget then fancy coffee places are usually a no-go! A gift card can be a nice way to allow them to treat themselves.

Netflix, Audible, or Amazon Subscription – You can literally buy this one while you are at the party so if you really forgot to buy something, this is the gift idea for you!

Socks – Honestly I think that any adult would appreciate some nice socks for Christmas. It wasn’t the most watched gift as a kid but now as an adult, I realize how great it was not having to buy my own.

Alcohol – Obviously make sure that the person you will be gifting actually drinks alcohol, but this can be a nice easy gift! You can pick something a little more expensive than what people might buy themselves or you can buy something that is totally unique.

Gift Card – It’s basic, but they are loved no matter who the person is and you can never get the wrong thing for someone!

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