Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Homeschool Mom
Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Homeschool Mom

Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Homeschool Mom

Since the start of our homeschooling journey, I have learned many things! I honestly didn’t think that I would be the one learning so much but I think that I learn just as much as my children. It’s exciting how much I have grown and the things I am learning about myself and life along the way. Here’s just a couple of the things I’ve learned since becoming a homeschool mom!

Your friends can be of all ages!

I know that this seems like a pretty obvious one but when I was a kid we all hung out with the same age group of people. When I got older people of the same age all still hung out together which made it hard for my husband and me to find our place because we were young parents. Now, I have learned that you can be friends with people of any age as long as you have things in common and are likeminded people.

Learning can happen anywhere, always!

Before I was a homeschooling mom I didn’t understand exactly how much learning is being done during what we think of as normal things. You can learn things so many different ways and in so many different setting. The information is all around us and it’s literally just waiting for us to find it!

Learning timeline isn’t one size fits all!

I always thought that if you weren’t doing things at “grade level” then you were “behind” in life. Since becoming a homeschooling mom and really following my sons lead when it comes to learning I have found out that it’s just not true! Each child learns at a different pace, they are interested in different things at different times, and their inability to do something doesn’t mean they are behind!

You actually do not need school books for school!

This absolutely blew my mind when I first learned this! How on earth would you be schooled without school books and curriculum?! Truth is, with mounds of information in the world and the curious nature of children, learning can be done in so many different ways. We mostly learn social and science topics from living books, hands-on projects, documentaries/videos, and field trips!

What have you learned since becoming a homeschool mom?

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