Educational Ideas For Sick Days
Educational Ideas For Sick Days

Educational Ideas For Sick Days

Everyone has sick days, but what do you do during a sick day? I like to still try to include some educational things into our sick days because sometimes our family will be sick for a whole week. I’m not saying that it needs to be anything hardcore, just things that still occupy the kids because even when they are sick they still have more energy than me!

#1. Utilize The Electronics

I know, I know, not the cursed electronics! (Insert gasping sound here) Honestly though, if you’re just trying to stay alive because it feels like you have a tiny war going on inside you, screen time isn’t really that bad! There are tons of shows, videos, and documentaries that are educational and will add value to your child’s education. There are also a ton of really great app and websites that can provide learning for all kinds of topics. Here are some past posts that go over these: Educational Netflix Shows, Educational Youtube Channels , and Educational iPad Apps!

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#2. Boardgames, Cards, or Dice

The nice thing about games is they can be quietly played while snuggled up on the bed in pyjamas! Most of the board games we love and play regularly also help teach our children. It really is the best way to keep them occupied when I’m feeling too ill to do anything really intense. I have some great recommendations here: Math Games!

#3. Reading or Audiobooks

Reading a book is always a good rest day option, although if you have a sore throat or you’re coughing all the time this might not be the easiest thing to do. That’s where audiobooks come into play! You can all snuggle up on the couch with a nice cup of tea and listen to the story together! There are literally thousands of amazing books to listen to and tons of different platforms to listen to them on! You can see why we love audiobooks so much here: Our Love For Audiobooks

#4. Podcasts

This goes along the same kind of lines as the audiobooks, but honestly, people don’t usually think about podcasts as an educational tool. I have listened to a lot of podcasts from really intelligent people though, some share spectacular information that you would otherwise have to pay large amounts of money to get ahold of! Just be sure that you are making sure that the information you are getting is factual.

#5. Arts and Crafts

Most arts and crafts can be done with little to no supervision, so this is a really great option if you are feeling sicker than your children and need a little quiet resting time. You can set out all of the supplies in the kitchen or craft room and you can relax on the couch for a bit! This only works though if you choose crafts that aren’t totally messy! My kids really enjoy making little houses out of cardboard, this is usually a pretty mess-free craft!

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  1. Kym

    We often enjoyed relaxed school days when a kid was sick. Those were good days for watching something entertaining but educational, or reading aloud. And sometimes, it was just needful to get some extra rest! πŸ™‚ Good ideas here!

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