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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.


We are always looking for new apps and websites to be able to use in our homeschool because it makes it easier to bring school wherever we go. Math Galaxy gave allowed us to review a couple of their math apps and we are absolutely loving them. We got access to Zombie Numbers, Times Tables Balloon Pop, as well as Preschool Math! We also got the opportunity to review the ebooks that Math Galaxy has available. The have a variaty of ebooks available, covering the topics of “Whole Numbers”, “Fractions”, “Decimals, Proportions, Percents”, and “Algebra”.

★The Apps★

Zombie Numbers

In the Zombie Math game, you are acting as Old Granny and you try to collect items while running away from the zombies. You have to collect a certain amount of items according to the number that you are learning. There is also a feature that allows the child to practice writing their numbers. Once you trace the number you are then sent to destroy a structure filled with little fuzzy creatures. In this app, you can learn to count to ten and then learn to count to twenty. You can also learn to count by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s!

What does Kayden have to say (9yrs): He says that it’s okay. He does like it but he says that the math was a little too easy for his age. He wishes that there were harder activities. — That being said, he did play one is for about 20min a day for a few weeks and seemed to enjoy playing it each time.

I think that this app would be good for someone who is just learning their numbers or needs a little extra practice while cementing those skills! I would say maybe a grade 1 – grade 3 level student would find this to be a fun learning app.

Times Tables Balloon Pop

Times Tables Balloon Pop from Dusty Haayema on Vimeo.

This is a very simple app. You choose a set of times tables that you would like to practice. They show up at the top of the screen and you pop the bubble with the correct answer. You can practice 2 – 12 times tables.

What does Kayden have to say (9yrs): He says that it was an easy app. The questions were helpful for him to practice. He does wish that there was more to do.

This would be a good app for children who are just learning times tables. They can use it for practice. I think that it would be good for children at a grade 1 – grade 3 level in math.


Preschool Math

This app has a bunch of little activities that the children can do. You can trace numbers, match numbers, and ever play little number games. It would be best for children who have a small understanding of math. Children who are able to recognize numbers to ten. This would be good practice for kids who are a little more advance than that though.

What does Emily have to say (6yrs): She says that she liked the little games but the math in it was a little too easy for her. — That being said it is PRESCHOOL math and she is definitely above preschool math level so I wasn’t expecting it to challenge her.

★The eBooks★

We decided to focus on the Whole Numbers Bundle! It’s filled with different math worksheets and the answer sheets for the worksheets. The math worksheets are different little activities. One example of one of these worksheets is finding the letters to complete the funny sentences. My nine-year-old son particularly enjoyed these.

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