Matific Galaxy Review
Matific Galaxy Review

Matific Galaxy Review

My son really loves math, he finds it extremely fun but also tends to get very bored while using traditional math practices. Finding something fun and exciting like this online math game by Matific Galaxy means that he can continue enjoying math! This program is basically all a fun game that includes solving different math problems. It’s really the best way to keep kids excited about math and goes along really well with how we already navigate math.


How the program is laid out

The program is really laid out exactly like a video game. With different levels that you need to complete, score tracker, and trophies. All which make the time spent learning to seem more like just time spent playing a fun game. The levels are set up in a way that you cannot progress to the next level until you have completed the one before. This allows the child to only move on once they are ready.


Inside the game, there are prizes that the children can win when they complete certain challenges. These seem to be mostly funny little clothing items and props that you’re able to use with the in-game characters. I think this adds a fun little incentive to do your best throughout the questions. There are also “game of the day” games which are located in the Game Planet. These are little mini games which change each day. They just allow the child to practice the skills that they have been working on.

There is also a super helpful parent zone of the site. This section has all the things you need to see how your child is progressing. You are able to see things like your child’s scores, how much of the program they’ve completed, and the subjects they have been covering. These are especially important if you have to be able to show your child’s work to an overlooking school authority. Another neat part about the parent zone is the option to send your child an encouraging little message directly to their account!



Things I think you’ll like

  • Easy access from anywhere with internet connection
  • Desktop, iSO, and Android
  • Ability to see children’s progress
  • Set learning goals for your child
  • View strongest subjects and those that need work
  • Set up like fun video game style
  • Makes independent work is very possible
  • Covers grades K-6

What we have to say about Matific

My son thought that overall the gameplay of the math games were fun, although he said that they were still very obviously a math program. He would have enjoyed the math questions being hidden more into the game. Overall I think as far as school games go he seemed to enjoy it and seems to be interested in continuing to use the program.

We mainly used Matific as something that my son could use anytime, we didn’t necessarily set limits. Although I do think that you could use the level as benchmarks as to how much you wanted your child to complete. I think using this program through the summer would be a great option as well, a time when they want to be having fun but some secret learning isn’t a bad thing! There are definitely many different ways that you can incorporate this into your daily learning.


Grow Your Math Skills with Matific Galaxy {Matific Galaxy Reviews}

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