New Years Resolutions For 2020
New Years Resolutions For 2020

New Years Resolutions For 2020

Last year I took the time to write out my resolutions and I think that it really helped me be more conscious of the things that I wanted to work on. This year I want to do the same thing with my resolutions except I want to break them down a little more! Over the last year, I have learned from my husband that if you define your goals it’s really supposed to help you be more successful with keeping to them. This year I only have four goals but I think that having less and defining them more will help me have my best year yet!

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#1 – I want to grow my BeatOfOurDrum business!
I plan to be even more consistent with the things I am posting on my blog and youtube this year! The plan is to have at least one blog post and one youtube video uploaded each week. This means that by the end of 2020 I need to have a minimum of 52 new posts on both my blog and my youtube. By knowing that this is my goal I am able to plan my week to week easier! Each week I can plan to be writing, filming, and editing. If I’m planning for these each week it will help me stay on track!

I would also like to continue to grow my community on social media! I feel like I have a really awesome group of people there and I’d like that to expand to reach even more awesome people! I can grow my social media by engaging with others even more! Taking the time to engage with other people will help them see what I am all about!

#2 – Be a healthier me!
This year I want to work on my health. I didn’t want to make the goal just to lose weight because to me it’s so much more! I know that losing weight is a big part of the goal but it’s more about creating life long healthy habits for me. I want to make physical activity a priority in my daily life. That may look like something different each day but I would like to aim for being active 5 days out of the week for 20 minutes each time. Another part of being healthier is watching what I eat, I don’t want to be on a hard to stick to a diet but I would like to be more conscious of the things that I am eating and how they are affecting my body. To help me with this I will make it my goal to meal plan the dinners that we are eating at least five nights a week. That way I know I’m eating something healthy and planned out!

#3 – Become a closer family!
In the mess of everything else, it can become hard to take time out just for the family. You get busy with work and things that need doing around the house. We tend to forget how important dedicated family time is. This year I would like to not only take time for my children but also for my marriage. I plan to conquer this goal by having designated time each week for my children and my husband. These times don’t need to be filled with anything fancy, just time where I am only focusing on them!

#4 – YWAM Missionaries!
I saved the best goal for last. Our biggest joint family goal is to leave to Kona, Hawaii this September to attend their missionary training school. We want to become fulltime missionaries travelling the world and helping with different projects wherever we are needed. This is a HUGE goal and will require a ton of work. We have already started so much of the fundraising. We will just keep moving forward in faith, knowing the with God all things are possible, even when they seem impossible to us!

In order to reach this goal, I will have to work on a few things. I need to continue to grow my relationship with God. I’ll be doing this by spending time in the bible each day. I have several short bible studies planned for this year as well as a daily devotional and “read the bible in a year” plan that I am following. (If you would like to join me on the Bible app –

We also need to do a lot of fundraising for this to happen. I plan to make little bite-size goals to work on daily to make this happen. This might be mailing letters, writing emails, meeting with people for coffee, or any other little tasks. In the future, I plan to do an entire post about how we are fundraising!



    1. dusty_beatofourdrum

      Yes, it can be very easy to get into hermit mode! For a little while when I was pregnant last year I didn’t even leave the house for groceries!!

      I hear you about the Youtube dilemma. I just try to film at night or do vlogs that the kids can just be a part of!

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