Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy
Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy

Things They Don’t Tell You About Pregnancy


We are currently expecting our third child and while I pretty much know the drill by now there are a lot of things that I forgot happened to our changing bodies! If we are being totally honest though, not only have I forgotten about these lovely little changes, I don’t think I was ever warned about them in the first place. You’re usually warned about the normal things like your boobs will leak and you’ll have less energy, which is all great information up until the moment when you’re leaning over the toilet puking and you pee yourself! That would have been a good little tidbit to know beforehand!

So here are the top 5 things that people don’t tell you about being pregnant!


Number 1: Morning Sickness

This isn’t necessarily true for everyone but for lots of women morning sickness isn’t just something that happens in the morning. For me, this was an all-day event and I was honestly shocked. Now, in my third pregnancy, I’m just shocked that it didn’t stick around for all nine months like my last two!

Number 2: Getting Comfy While Sleeping

There is literally no comfortable way to sleep! Everything is all peachy up until you reach about the 28-week mark. Around that time anything that was comfy is no longer comfortable and you just roll around all night until it’s finally time to get up. This means looking like an actual zombie for the next three months, and months beyond if we’re being totally honest here!

Number 3: You Pee Youself

I know, it’s gross to talk about, but it’s better to be prepared than totally caught off guard! Usually not with your first pregnancy but often with any that follow you will end up peeing your pants. Luckily this happened to me while at home so I was able to avoid any complete embarrassment!

Number 4: All The Cravings

Yes, they mention this in the pregnancy books a little bit but I don’t think that they fully express how intense these can be! My husband probably believes that I have been taken over by an alien. During the beginning of this pregnancy, I really wanted pickles and salty things and during the end, I have been obsessed with sweets! So obsessed with sweets that one night he may have caught me sitting in the kitchen eating icing out of the jar.

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Number 5: Your Stomach Gets In The Way

No matter what I’m doing at this point my stomach is in my way. If I’m just moving around I’m banging my stomach on something. If I’m bending over I have to move my legs so far apart just to reach anything and carrying anything in front just doesn’t happen anymore. Basically, I’m begging my children or husband to help me anytime I have to bend over or pick things up!

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