Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre
Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

We enjoy visiting different places to see animals, usually, this means going to the zoo or an aquarium. This summer we got to experience something completely different. We visited a wolf sanctuary, Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre.

This means the only animal they had were the wolves but, just because there was only one type of animal didn’t mean that it was any less magical though. The sanctuary has a couple of cages in which you can see the wolves, along with areas that you aren’t able to see them, for when they want to be away from people. We were lucky enough to see all of the wolves housed there the day we visited. The sanctuary also provides a half hour long information talk all about wolves and how they relate to the ecosystem in which they live in. It was very educational and the kids were interested in hearing about all the awesome wolf facts. There were also some hands-on learning stations for the kids.


  • Relitivly cheap cost
  • Seeing wolves up close
  • Educational talk was very informative
  • Food and drink for sale
  • Gift shop with TONS of wolf stuff
  • Hands on kids stations
  • Picnic area
  • Super friendly staff who clearly love wolves
  • Wolf pens were clean and well maintained
  • Take in abandoned wolves
  • Washrooms on site


  • Hard to get pictures of the wolves
  • Would have liked to see larger wolf pens
  • Ways off the main highway

northern-lights-wildlife northern-lights-wildlife northern-lights-wildlife

I think that all in all this is a great place to learn more about wolves and the conservation efforts being made to protect our wolves here in Canada. Being able to see the wolves fairly up close helped our children really connect to the cause. They heard the stories about these amazing creatures getting killed and it really hit them and myself.

If you would like to learn more about the conservation of wolves you can visit their site here —>


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