Osmo – Hands On Learning With Your iPad
Osmo – Hands On Learning With Your iPad

Osmo – Hands On Learning With Your iPad

We are always looking for new and exciting ways for our kids to learn. With Osmo, the kids are able to incorporate hands-on learning with their iPads. It’s really awesome because most of the things they are able to do by themselves. They are able to mix something that they enjoy using with the skill building and learning activities I would like them to be using. Currently, we have a couple of different options that they are able to choose from. We have the words, numbers, tangrams, and coding sets. My children seem to like the numbers and coding sets the best.

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

When you buy the basic set you get a base to put your iPad in along with all the pieces for the games. You are able to use the pieces to then move things on your screen in the game. For example, while playing the coding game you are able to put the steps you want to person to complete on the pieces and when you press the go button the person will do what you have laid out. Each of the games work fairly similar in the sense that you use the pieces to control what is happening in the game.

They also have a bunch of other kits that you can buy. They have drawing kits that your drawings come to life on your device. Pizza kits where you can make and then sell different pizzas. A musical coding kit that you are able to code your own little tunes and even a race car kit that you play a racecar game! They are all a lot of fun and offer different learning outcomes.

The kits are priced fairly high but all the apps to run the games are totally free. If you look at this as an educational tool rather than just a game though then the price is pretty reasonable compared to similar products on the market. I think the fact that it is merging tangible items with on-screen learning makes it worth the investment for the hours of fun learning time your children will have. You are able to use the games on different devices as long as you download the app which makes sharing and resale really easy!


  • Hands on, good for kenistetic learners
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Different kits to choose from
  • Apps are all free
  • Learning incorperated into fun games
  • Shareable, you can use with multiple children


  • Initial price is fairly high
  • Limited selection on kits at this point
  • No replacment parts available


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