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Reading Unlocked

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We received a 12-month subscription to the 12-month subscription of the Reading Unlocked program. With this, you get unlimited access to the program which is available on computers and tablets. We decided to use it on our laptop which seemed to work pretty well. The program is designed to help beginning readers or struggling readers build their reading skills through tasks and challenges. The program does take the child off the screen as well when it asks them to write on paper for example.

The actual program

They have kept the interface of this website extremely simple, there are only a couple of options that you can choose from once you are logged in. You have the ability to change the child’s level. You choose this by selecting the option of questions that they would be able to complete. Can they recognize letters, read simple sentences, or read longer more complicated sentences?

Once you have selected a level you also have the ability to select the lesson number that you would like to go to. This feature could come in handy if you would like your child to go over a lesson again if they were struggling, or if you would like them to skip a lesson. It really gives you the ability to move around and follow your child’s reading abilities.

The lessons are all set out very similar. They begin by going over a phonetic sound that they are going to teach your child. Your child then expands on what they have just learned with that sound into words that also have that sound. For example, if they learn the sound of /ir/, they will then go over the sound. After the child knows the sound they will move onto words with /ir/ such as dirt. They will help the child sound out the word sound by sound. This is done with several words that contain the sound that they are learning. The next section is where you spell out the words that you just learned how to say by dragging tiles into place. The child is then directed to take the learning off of the screen, they are directed to write the words on a piece of paper.

Who I recommend this to.

We found that this program actually wasn’t the greatest fit for our family. My daughter didn’t enjoy it and I didn’t want it to become a struggle. I think that this would be good for someone who is looking for an easy to navigate reading program that has a high focus in phonics. It would be good for beginning readers as well as those who have tried to read from a more memorization of words approach to then teaching them how to sound out each word. This would work well for those people who are looking for something that can be accessed on any computer or tablet, sometimes it can be helpful to have the learning go with you wherever you are.

Where can I buy Reading Unlocked?

You can visit their website at to purchase a subscription to the program. The cost is $24.99USD per month.

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