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We have been enjoying our Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership through! As a returning CREW member this will be our second year with a membership and I am excited to see what else we can learn and use it for! My kids are mostly unschooled, meaning that they are we follow a “child interest lead” homeschooling pholosophy so we don’t normally do entire courses, but we still find tons of uses for!

The site provided hundreds of online courses that you are able to mix and match to best suit your family’s needs. They have something for everyone from PreK all the way through high school. At only $179USD (On sale now for $99USD) this makes it an affordable option for families trying to homeschool multiple children on a budget!


The Courses

Both of my children decided to do actual lessons of things that they are interested in, although we did choose to modify them a little bit. My son who is nine years old decided to do the Bible Stories for Kids. My daughter who is six years old decided to do the God’s Beautiful Creatures Lessons. This was actually the first course she ever did through SchoolhouseTeachers but this time she was able to read the stories mostly herself so she really wanted to do it again. I think she just really likes all the cute animal stories.

Both of the courses that my children decided to check out had printable worksheets. Although the printables for God’s Beautiful Creatures Lessons were definitely a little more fun. They included activities, crafts, and colouring pages while the printables for Bible Stories for Kids were only question sheets that the kids could fill out. My son tried them out but decided that he would rather just watch the videos and discuss with me what happened in each video. The bible story lessons also said that they had interactive components but for whatever reason, they wouldn’t work on my computer.

Lots of the courses use either World Book book from their online site which you get access to with your SchoolhouseTeachers membership or they have videos within in lessons. This makes the lessons a lot more appealing to the kids. Honestly, lots of times we only use the books or the videos. The nice thing about the SchoolhouseTeachers website is that you can actually access all the videos in one place so you can use them outside of the lessons. We really enjoy using the Video Library to watch different science and history videos. Recently we just watched the entire Drive Thru History series, it was very enjoyable!


Lesson Plans

Each of the courses have lesson plans that you are able to print out and use while you are planning. I think that if you are using SchoolhouseTeachers as your spine and you’re more of a traditional homeschooling family this would be really helpful. The lesson plans give you a short overview of what you will be covering as well as a more detailed checklist. You could use this checklist to track your child’s work, keep track of when they completed things, or even other activities that you would like to add on. For older students, this could even be a self-check so that they can make sure that they have everything completed.



Things I Think You’ll Enjoy

  • Hundreds of courses so you can make a customized full curriculum
  • Access to seconday recources such as WorldBook and RightNowMedia
  • Tons of different printables from planners to full books
  • The ablitiy to take your schooling with you wherever you go
  • Something for all your kids and all levels in one place
  • Lessons and tools designed spacifically for the parents
  • Free copy of the printed magazeen
  • Helpful things for your family in general such as the “Monthly Menu”

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