Science Obsessed Child – Gift Guide
Science Obsessed Child – Gift Guide

Science Obsessed Child – Gift Guide

We all know one, I happen to have one, the children that need to know everything about science! My son is constantly telling me about new facts that he’s learned. Science really gets him excited and he thinks that it’s really fun. Obviously, we want to nurture this as much as possible so I have been looking for great science-related gifts for him and I thought I would share them with you in case you have a science-obsessed child on your shopping list.

Microscope This may seem like it’s a pretty obvious one for some, but if you have a larger budget and this is a really great gift for kids who are about seven and older!

Telescope Honestly I think a telescope could be enjoyed by even kids who are super science lovers, but especially those who are excited about space and the universe.

Science Experiment Kits These can be any of the little kits that provide all the materials for little science experiments. They usually cost about $15-$30 and come with everything you will need all in one box. Some of the kits we’ve had before are the volcanos, weather station, owl pellets, and growing crystals.

Magnet Sets These can provide hours of fun, the kids will just test different things and play with the magnets for hours. To add to the fun you can also join the magnets with some of the magnetic putties.

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Ant Farm Sometimes a pet seems like a lot of work but an ant farm can double as a pet and a science experiment! Just be careful not to let them out!

Circuit Boards You can get several versions of these, we personally like the Snap Circuits and the circuit boards that have wires that you attach to small springs.

ScienceWiz Kits These are a little bit different than the science kits I mentioned above because these ones are aimed towards older children and cover a little bit more advanced topics.

Robots There are so many great robots you can buy, but the ones that are the coolest are the ones that you actually have to build. These can be super simple or very advanced so obviously, keep in mind the age of who you’re buying for.

Star Projectors There are some really awesome star projectors that you can buy, I personally like the ones that are like a large nightlight that you can shine on the roof. They also allow you to change the position on the sky that you’re looking at!


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