The Homeschool Mom – Gift Guide
The Homeschool Mom – Gift Guide

The Homeschool Mom – Gift Guide

Do you know a homeschooling mom but you never know what to buy her because she’s not interested in the typical mom items? I think that this it obviously differs from homeschooling mama to homeschooling mama but in general, I think these gifts are a pretty safe choice. I have included some things that can be done with the family, some things that are meant for relaxation, along with some very practical items.

Season Passes And Tickets

These tend to be things that a homeschooling family will use a ton, we personally use our different passes at least twice a month! For most families, these aren’t on the top of the yearly budget so receiving something like this as a gift can be a huge relief! Plus, you don’t have to feel bad about contributing to their clutter, this is always a worry when I am gift giving, are they actually going to use the gift or will it just sit there?

  • Swimming pool/Rec centre passes
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Historical Forts and Village Type Places
  • Science Centres
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Adventure Farms

Tech And Tech Related Items

I realize that tech type items are usually the bigger ticket items but you may have a homeschool mom on your shopping list who you have a little bit of a bigger budget for. I know that these are some things that I would personally enjoy as well as many of the moms that I know. Sometimes it’s nice to get something new that you definitely wouldn’t buy yourself. I will try to include some of the cooler, less pricey tech items as well!

  • Apple Watch
  • iPad Pro
  • Boogie Board Writing Pad
  • Headphones (so mom can actually hear what she’s listening to)
  • Printer and/or printer ink
  • Echo Dot (so someone else can answer questions)
  • Tile Mate (for all the things that you are going to lose)
  • Camera or Go-Pro
  • Kindle

The Pampering Gifts

With these, I would make sure that you either know the person who you are buying for and know what they like or go super generic because some people, like myself, can be super picky about products. If it’s more of a pampering experience though I think that you should be pretty safe. I think that buying something for mom that she wouldn’t normally buy is such a great gift, even if it’s something small and simple.

  • Face Masks
  • Foot Cream (I mean she’s on her feet ALL the time)
  • A Massage Voucher
  • Mini Spa Vacation 1-2 Day (pricier but definitely worth it!)
  • A voucher to take the kids
  • Movie Gift Card (but let her go without the kids)

Everything Practical

Sometimes these can be the best types of gift because it’s something that you would already plan on buying but now you don’t need to spend any money on it and you can use that money for something else. Which honestly as a homeschooling mom, or just a mom in general, extra money is always appreciated. You might need to do a little digging before heading out to shop so that you can figure out what is really needed though.

  • Gas Gift Card
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle or travel mug
  • New Runners
  • Nice pens
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