Techie Homeschool Mom – Ancient Greece – Review
Techie Homeschool Mom – Ancient Greece – Review

Techie Homeschool Mom – Ancient Greece – Review

We have been studying the Ancients this year and it’s been excited to have a new way to explore this! We have really been enjoying the Ancient Greece Online Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom. It’s been awesome to have everything all in one place for us learning about Ancient Greeks. The unit study included everything from reading and videos to some more hands-on projects. It’s really a fun way to bring history to life in your house! These would be great for families with younger children who want to work through the studies together or older kids who want to work through these activities on their own.

What The Lessons Look Like

The lessons in the Ancient Greece Unit Studies are very simple to navigate and are separated into smaller topics. As both my kindergartener and my third grader were interested in learning about this we decided to do it as a family. We went through the units together so that both of them were able to watch the videos, listen to the stories and be a part of the projects. There is an option where you are able to make an online time travelling journal where you can write about what you are learning and add pictures of the things that you have completed. My children decided this was not something that they were interested in at this time but I think it would work really good for middle school-aged children.


What We Like About The Unit Studies

My children seem to really enjoy all of the videos that were included in this unit study. They like seeing the things that are being talked about so this was a really good feature that makes the unit truly come to life for us. My daughter really enjoyed the “Greek Art & Architecture” unit because we got to make little pottery projects. My son, on the other hand, was more interested in the “Greek Warfare” unit because he wanted to learn all about the weapons. We decided to jump around a little and explore the things that my children were really interested in first. If they were a bit older and working independently I would probably have had them just work through it in order.


Things You’ll Really Like

  • The units are really easy to navigate
  • Videos and pictures included are interesting
  • Have the ability to go in the order you want
  • Extra informational links are provided right there
  • You’re able to log on from any computer
  • Easy hands on crafts and projects
  • How-to videos for the projects are helpful
  • Added fun like the word search and science experaments
  • Ability to track prograss with time travelers journal or completed units

Where You Can Find Them

You can find this unit study as well as several others at their website. The other unit studies range in both price and topic, the cheapest being only $8USD going up to $35USD. There are topics that cover more ancient civilizations, famous artist, Thanksgiving, and Easter.


Solar, Ancients and Famous People Unit Studies {Techie Homeschool Mom Reviews}

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