The Home Stretch – August News Letter
The Home Stretch – August News Letter

The Home Stretch – August News Letter

“God has brought us this far so I’m confident that He has all the details of this plan already sorted.”

It’s now the home stretch and the reality is, we are still far from being fully funded. Currently, as I write this we have 34.2% of our needed funding. Over the past couple of weeks, I have had many conversations with people who ask me why I’m still getting everything ready to go if we aren’t even halfway there.


I have faith that God lead us down this path for a reason. I have faith that God has all of our partners already chosen. I have faith that as we continue to share His story that He will continue to give us all that we need.

Since the moment God put the vision of YWAM on our hearts He has faithfully paved the path that we have walked. We wanted to share just a few of the big moments that we can clearly see His hand in our path. This is a visual of some of the moments.

Donation Update

As of today, August 21, 2020, donations made to Amazing Grace Community Church in Lethbridge, AB on our behalf are eligible for a tax receipt.*
Amazing Grace is currently only able to accept donations on our behalf for the amounts for the LECTURE and OUTREACH portions of our fundraising.**
–> Our current balance in our lecture invoice is $10,960.89USD ($14,469.13CAN) and the balance in their outreach invoice is $11,000USD ($14,519.03CAN).

The balance in the outreach invoice can change once the outreach location is decided. When we made our budget we reached out to the YWAM finance department to get an estimate on what the maximum amount would be. As we’ve said from the beginning, any funds leftover from our DTS will roll over to the next part of our missionary life.

If you would like to make a donation this way you can:

A cheque made out to “Amazing Grace Community Church” with the memo “Warren & Dusty Haayema YWAM”. Cheques can either be sent by mail to Amazing Grace, put into the collection basket, or given to us directly and we will submit them to Amazing Grace.

210A 12A ST N SUITE 115
T1H 2J1


You can send an Email Money Transfer (EMT) to Amazing Grace Community Church at – Please make the memo “Warren & Dusty YWAM”

*Any donations made on or after August 21, 2020 to Amazing Grace Community Church are eligible for a tax receipt.
**We still VERY MUCH appreciate your donations directly as well. A large chunk of our needed budget that we, unfortunately, can not give tax receipts for at this time. The amount of $24,023USD ($31,689CAN) is currently not eligible for tax receipts but still very much needed to make this a reality. This amount pays for things required by YWAM for all students and missionaries such as vaccinations, insurance, and a nanny. It also covers things like our flights which are needed to get to the YWAM campus.

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