Things I Thought Before Motherhood
Things I Thought Before Motherhood

Things I Thought Before Motherhood

I imagine that there are several things every single parent thought they knew before they became parents. Little did we all know that reality was about to smack us in the face! Parenting is hard, no joke, it’s really hard! We can think we know what we would do in every situation or how everything will be until we are actually there!

Number One: I will never yell

Well, boy was I off on this one. As much as I try to run a peaceful household sometimes the kettle blows. Before having kids I figured that I would be such a great mother that I wouldn’t have to yell. Apparently, even if you’re a great mom you will lose your cool sometimes.

Number Two: My kids will eat whatever I make

Ha! Honestly, I actually thought this, I’m not even joking you! Something in my head told me that my children were going to just eat exactly what I made them and they would never complain. If you have children like this, be very happy, they’re rare!

Number Three: My kids will go to public school

In my mind I envisioned myself dropping the kids off at school in the morning or walking them to their bus stop and saying goodbye for the day. Packing these cute little lunches and buying them school supplies every August to get them ready. Clearly, that didn’t happen, but I’m definitely okay with that! My one tidbit of advice that I could give is, just be open to change and be willing to do what is right for your family!

Number Four: I wouldn’t be tired

I figured that I would always have energy and life would just be filled with adventure and excitement all the time. Turns out I’m actually tired a lot, for the last eight years I’ve been a zombie mom, mombie!

Number Five: I won’t lose myself in motherhood

Being a mom is super special and it changes your life in so many ways. When I became a mom I forgot that I was still my own person and lost myself a little. I was so busy being a mom that I forgot to be me too, so I’ve been working really hard to do things that I enjoy and spend more time doing things that are just for me!

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I’m sure that there are more things I could add to this list but these are the things that come to mind. I would love to know what things you thought before becoming a parent that was clearly way off base? Leave your answers in the comments below!


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